Ask Maddy: Funny Stories Of A Working Teen

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A Working Teen

I have been an employee at Zaxby’s since May. A lot of my friends may come in and giggle but those who do that are the ones who are asking their parents for money while I may ask my parents for a few dollars every once in a while but at least I’m making money when they aren’t making anything! It’s hard to find a job and I’m just happy that I found one that works with my school hours and they work with me in general. I thought that working would be a really hard thing to do but we do work hard at Zaxby’s but it’s definitely not as hard as I thought it would be. I do have a lot of a things that tick me off about this job though and that’s what I’m going to talk about. I just had to have an introduction 🙂
Okay, here’s what I’m really going to be talking about: people and their annoying questions, rude attitudes, hand gestures, and just about everything. People come into Zaxby’s and I understand that I must have a nice attitude with my customers and what not and do as they ask but sometimes their questions are just pointless and the attitudes that they give me just make me want to blow up because I never stay calm outside of work with someone who gives me an attitude. Haha. Just the other day a man asked me for a Wings and Things. I asked him if he wanted boneless or traditional. He asked me, “What does boneless mean?” I looked at the ceiling and was thinking to myself, did he seriously just ask that. I told him, it meant that they had no bones in them and after that I asked him what type of sauce he wanted on his wings. He asked me to name all of the sauces so I did, even though they’re on the board. (I understand that he might not have been able to read or something.) After I read them once, he asked me to repeat the sauces two extra times. That kind of got on my nerves.
Another thing that really flipped my lid at work was this young kid who must have been seven or eight. I was walking to the back to get cookies and they called me on the intercom in the back saying, “Madison, come back, you have a customer.” The customers in the front didn’t hear it, only the people in the back. Well, my manager had just helped the one family with the little boy who was seven or eight. While they were getting their ketchup, I waited on the other couple who went to the bathroom. This little boy looked at me with a grin and said to me, “We done ordered.” I just nodded my head and smiled at him. He said to me again, “We done ordered!” with a louder tone. I then smiled at him and as soon as I went to tell him okay he started pointing at his family saying, “WE” *pause* “DONE” *doing something with his hands* “ORDERED” *pointing at the menu.* My jaw literally dropped and I thought that was quite disrespectful! If I was his mother, I would have said something to him because I honestly didn’t think it was too funny. All the mother did was laugh and went on with her oh so happy life. All I could do was sit there and boy did it kill me.
Since I clean our dining room a good bit, I see how messy people really are and how much they don’t care. I’m sure a lot of people do this and for whoever is reading this, I’m sure you’ve done this once or twice. I know I have but now, I pay attention because I feel bad for the people who had to clean after me. I used to leave crumbs on the table and not even worry about how messy I was. If you look on the door that you enter, I’m sure you’ll see that there is a bar to push or pull with. People at my job take their greasy hands and put it right on the window and you have to scrub to get that off. On the tables, people leave their trash, crumbs, napkins, sauces and just about everything on it and in the seat. That’s disgusting. We have black leather seats in our restaurant and people take their greasy hands and push down on the seat to help themselves get up and those grease spots are really hard to get off. I guess people don’t realize until they have to work at job like that.
The joy of working with the public! 🙂



  1. oh yes…I worked in the public for way too many years. It’s a thankless job and everyone should have to do it so they understand and maybe learn to treat people a little kinder and with a bit more respect! 🙂

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