Summer Vactaion Travel

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Do you plan to travel this Summer for a vacation or are you having a stay-cation?

As of right now I have yet decided on what I will be doing for a vacation. I would love to visit the Mountains. A Mountain trip is on my “To Do” list this year and I have not went yet. Gas prices are slowly going down and we could easily drive up one weekend.

Getting my husband off the water might be hard to convince and then we fall into hunting season and of course he never misses a weekend of hunting.

I am due a week of vacation time right now with my job and really need to think about what I want to do with my vacation time. My daughter is out of school right now and I must request time off a month in advance and I have let this slip my mind.

I will be checking out  site to see what kind of deals I can find here in the states. Meta is a UK company but offers deals every where. I just checked out the Holiday Inn around the Pigeon Forge area.

I would be over joyed with excitement if one day my husband would take me to the Mountains. I live so close to the beaches in South Carolina that they do not excite me.

Mega offers so many discounts and vouchers. If you also watch for deals and book when there is a deal instead of waiting until the last minute you will find that in more cases than one you will get a better deal and rate.

What are you planning on doing this Summer with your family?

If you book a hotel make sure that they have a kitchen so that you can bring a long some food and cook to save some money instead of eating out the whole time on vacation.

If you decide you would rather eat out look for a coupon code or a booklet in the area you will be staying. Some areas such as Myrtle Beach has the Grand Strand Booklets with money saving coupons and they give you some high value coupons to use at restaurants at certain times. The later in the afternoon you will not get the best deal, It’s best to go early for a dinner rather than later from my experience at the beach.

You can even search for the best car rentals if you have a gas hog. I know prices of gas has been slowly dropping but renting a smaller car will help. My company car is  a Fusion and I get over 540 miles and my Jeep I only get 330 miles so that just shoes how a smaller car will get you a little further traveling.

I would love to hear/ read about your Summer Vacation and what you plan to do.


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