Nutrisystem Blog Nation Week 5 #NSNation

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Week 5 is here and I had gained weight the week before. I am at 207.6 this morning which I still wanted to get below the 205 mark that I had reached.

I am so happy that starting today my husband and I will be going on this journey together. His food arrived and now I will not have to cook dinner for him and can focus on Nutrisystem.I may need to send my daughter to my moms every night for dinner. Luckily she lives across the street.

The meals are so easy to prepare, and you have a very large variety of foods to pick from. I did try the Butternut Squash Ravioli. I really did not like this one meal.I have a few favorites I love the chicken pasta.

I have been swimming for exercise. I should be adding in a few more exercises through out the week.

I have yet again forgot to buy a measuring tape. I have to get dog food soon so I sure hope I can remember to grab the tape when I go to the store. My husband shops with me sometimes and he is the one that gets what he needs and leaves the store and then I forget what I need to buy.

I can not wait to see what this up coming week brings with both us us working on our weight.I am over the top excited and I hope we can get healthy together.

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