Spring Cleaning Tips

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The most important thing in Spring cleaning is not to let yourself get overwhelmed.  Take one task at a time and see it through to completion. If you try to do too many things at once, you will get stressed and no one wants that.  Here are a few tips too help you out.

1. Start with something smaller, like cleaning out the fridge.  Wait til its close to shopping day when the fridge is at it’s emptiest,  and use this time to clean out expired items etc.  Remove everything else and use a simple bleach, dish soap solution and thoroughly wipe out shelves, doors etc.  

2. next I would move on to the stove.  using an oven cleaner that sets for awhile allows time to clean the outside of the stove and cook top.  I also suggest a bleach/dish soap solution for this task as well.
once the outer cleaning is done, wipe the oven clean and voila!

3.  I then move on to the ceiling fan, ceiling, counter tops and floors.  I usually wipe down the cabinets as well.

4.  I then move on to the bathroom  and start with ceilings, walls, shower doors/curtains  then tackle the tub counter tops toilet and floors.  I always use a cleaner with a disinfectant when doing the bathroom.  You may want to get rid of the towel rack and opt for a disposable towel system to cut down on germs.  I say, do not waste your time on the hands free soap dispensers.  They are expensive, especially compared to a 1.00 hand soap,  and I cannot figure out why these are being pushed so much.  when you touch the hand soap dispenser your hands are dirty anyway, you then clean them with the soap, rinse and dry,  never touching the dispenser again,  so where do these extra germs the commercials are talking about come from??

spring is also when I replace curtains, bathmats and shower curtains as needed.

5.  Next I tackle the closets.  I usually start with the hall linen closet or front room coat closet and then head to the bedroom closets.  Remember, with this economy, you can donate to thrift stores any unwanted items and get a tax break.  I suggest adding potpourri sachets to the closet or cedar chips to keep things fresh.  

6.  Next I tackle cleaning the carpets.  I have an at home system and I do each room in the house.  then while the carpets are drying I move on to washing all the beddings and curtains, rugs etc and wash those.  

7.  my laundry room is in the basement so I usually keep this for last.  I reorganize my laundry area, pantry etc. clean the floor and behind the washer and dryer.  Make sure you don’t forget to clean the dryer vent.  also the laundry room is a great place for a wall plug in like glade.  

Tackle one task a day if it helps to keep you on track.  make sure you ventilate areas where you are using chemicals,  sometimes we get in a hurry and forget to do that.

once your cleaning is done,  I suggest opening up all the windows in the house and spraying the house with Lysol.  The house has been closed up all winter and needs to be freshened.  

Hope these tips help!  Happy cleaning!


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