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 Some bloggers  seem to be taking offers that amount to little or nothing in exchange for free advertising on their blogs for companies. You’re time and advertising reach is more valuable than that. I realize that some are smaller companies but as a blogger, you should not be working for little or free. The reach of even a small blog is extraordinary when you take into account that most bloggers belong to blogger forums that help each other out and share posts and giveaways which expands your reach by the thousands. That is exposure that most companies would pay heavily for in any other media. These companies are trying to gain exposure and revenue, and most bloggers do this as at least a part time income. My time is valuable and I think it is insulting for a company to think they should get something for nothing.

I think that some companies either do not realize the amount of people who rely on bloggers for information or they think we do not know our own worth, but this blogger is not going to sell herself short with these ridiculous offers.  I have had companies ask for 1 year of advertising space  for nothing in return but a giveaway of an item  with a value of 20.00.  I recently had a jewelry company want a 350 word review without offering any product for that review ( which to  me seriously affects the integrity of the post and the blog) and no compensation.  When I told her I do not do free reviews, her answer was ” I don’t feel a product is necessary for a review. You should be able to look over the information on our website and write a review as other bloggers have.”.  I, of course, wrote her back and explained that I don’t do reviews with out product or compensation and I realize that she has a business that she is trying to grow as do I.  Needless to say, I never heard back from her, and that is no loss to me.

I ask that all of my fellow bloggers realize their worth and take that into consideration before accepting any offer.  Here is a link to an article written by Blogher about the trust women put in Blogs.  It is an interesting read…..

Blogher article on blog trust


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