Superpoints Contest 4/29 thru 5/8

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I would like to earn more money with Superpoints and I also want to help you earn more money with Superpoints. I am thinking about each week doing a contest.

Madame Deals has earned over $2500 with Superpoints. 

1) It is free
2) you get paid weekly in everything from paypal cash to amazon giftcards and tangible goodies like an ipad2.
3) You can earn points from your own spins
4) You can earn points from your friends spins
5) You can participate in charity spinathons 
To join my team 
If you already play Superpoints, you can still put your spins /email points down. 
On 5/8 I will pick a random person and then I will promote your link to help you build your team. I will also donate $5.00 into your PayPal.
Please remember to fill out your profile once you sign up and get 30 spins.
Does this sound like fun? To me it sounds like a win win for everyone.

Share each time you get a point, like I just opened my email and got 25pts.

Today I have 1,208 Points 
Remember to come back daily to post your points.

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