Good Morning & Happy Easter

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Wow what a few weeks I have had. It has been a while since my real life has thrown me for a loop. If you ever get behind it seems impossible to get caught up.Last weekend we went to Goldsboro, NC to ride 4 wheelers at Busco Beach.I still need to write about that trip. Then I was planning my daughters Sweet 16 party which was last night. We had a awesome turnout and she enjoyed her party. I am so glad it is now over but it was all worth it in the end .

I have some giveaways I need to write up soon, I am hoping to get them all done this week. I do not plan to go anywhere next weekend. I sure need a break. I am too old for all this going and going we have been doing.

I will be away most of the day today, my family lives in another town so I will be traveling to visit them for Easter.

Hope you all have a great day.



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