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I am so happy Palmetto Coupon Clippers found me. Melissa and I have been chatting back and forth this afternoon. She is also from the “Palmetto Sate” like myself. I did not even get around to asking her how she came across Coupon Savings In The South but she found me.

Let me tell you about what Palmetto Coupon Clippers offers. They offer same day shipping, $2.00 minimum order, and guess what you will get a 10% off your first order using “CouponSavings”. Palmetto Coupon Clippers also has a reward program. I think that it is great to buy from a online coupon clipping service. My Sunday paper cost me $2.50 each paper , I have 2 papers delivered. If and when I want more than 2 I always order online. I am so glad I found someone local and shipping should be approx. one day for me or even next day.

The best thing about Palmetto Coupon Clippers is No Limit, so if you have a *Hot* coupon you have been looking for or want extra , please check out Palmetto Coupon Clippers.
If you order more than what is in stock the system will let you know.

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  1. Caviardreamz says:

    I use this site since I am in South Carolina. Reasonable prices and prompt delivery!

  2. tamika miller says:

    Well my name is Tamika and I would like to order coupons off your website, but I don’t know how true this website is.

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