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 I had the opportunity to review TheraBreath’s newest product. Do you have bad breath or know someone who does?You could try TheraBreath Probiotic for oral care.  (
The Probiotic has been in research and development for over 20 years combined.
I think Priobiotic taste lemon like. I also feel like that my oral care has never been better since using Therabreath products.
I would like to tell you some facts on the Probiotic:

TheraBreath Oral Care Multi Symptom Probiotics –

• An all natural treatment used to help the body resist a variety of oral cavity issues including Ear Ache, Sore Throat, Cavities, Gum Sensitivity, formation of BioFilm and Plaque, Tooth Staining, and Halitosis.
• The first probiotic strains (S. salivarius K12 and M18) to be developed specifically for the oral cavity from beneficial bacteria that already naturally occurs in the oral cavity of a small percentage of children. This handful of children showed a natural resistance to the variety of oral cavity related illness listed above.
• Now available for the first time in the United States exclusively from TheraBreath.
Use of product is very easy:

Brush Teeth, tongue, and inside cheeks with TheraBreath Toothpaste (included) to prepare for treatment. Mix one stick pack with about two mouthfuls (2oz.) of water until fully dissolved. Rinse mouth thoroughly for 1 minute with one mouthful. Spit. Gargle for 30 seconds with next mouthful. Spit. If additional solution remains, rinse until gone. You will learn to estimate more precisely as you use the treatment. Use treatment TWICE (morning and night) on DAY 1, ONCE (each morning) on DAYS 2-6, and TWICE (morning and night) on DAY 7.

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Disclaimer: I was sent TheraBreath Probiotic for review by TheraBreath. All opionions are mine soley.

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  1. Jenny at dapperhouse says:

    I have never heard of a product like this and think that it is SO important for most people who are exposed to so many germs in a day just from being around other people. Especially for Teachers who are exposed to germs from students! Probiotucs that help naturally fight off colds and other EN&T issues – sign me up!!! Cant see a downside to this product. Great Review and thank you for sharing it!

  2. Commented on Therabreath's wall; this sounds like a wonderful product!

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