It’s 2011 Spring Decluttering Challenge

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Yesterday my daughter and I went through closets. She tried on clothes and what did not fit went into a pile. She ended up with 2 large black garbage bags full. We loaded them into the car and asked my neighbor if she would like them for her granddaughter. If not they were going to Goodwill. We still have more clothes to go through today. I cleaned out my closet and organized it. I can now find my shoes and threw some away that were pretty old.

We are on our way to 2011 decluttering our home.



  1. Michele says:

    Great job on de-cluttering. Are you on a de-cluttering schedule that runs through the year? I need some de-cluttering help.

  2. shannon says:

    I have just started decluttering. I am so sick of all these clothes. My daughter has so much. My best friend always cleans out her closet and gives to my daughter so she has lots of clothes. I can post a declutter challenge everyday if you would be interested in something like that. Like the bathroom one day, bedroom and so on. Just let me know. Tuesday would be the only day I would not be able to post something.

  3. Michele says:

    I would love to see some kind of motivational challenge…if everyones not to busy getting their own cleaning done. I too am overrun with clothes (4) bags donated last week-can't see a difference. So apparently I am in need of something. Today I need to start on the frig.

  4. shannon says:

    That is awesome 4 bags. Ok I will do something starting tomorrow as a challenge for motivation. I will try to post it every night. That way I should be good even on Tuesday's. I work about 16 hours that day and I am on the road. This will also help me too.We still have lots of bags to sort through today then we are going to a BBQ for a friends son that is about to leave for Afganstan for a year.

  5. I keep toddlers in my home for 55-60 a week, so not very much gets done m-f. Then I try to fit all the shopping, couponing, meal planning, "life" stuff in on the weekends so little time is part of my problem too. I did get the door of the frig and top shelf yest. I am working on the timer method….it's slow, small steps, but I don't feel overwhelmed. Today-hoping for 2 more shelves in frig and 1 laundry room shelf. Hope you have a great day!!

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