Bi-Lo BOGO for 9/1- thru 9/7

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Fresh Sweet Corn Save .69

Ball Park Original Franks or Beef Franks Save at least 4.49

Cantaloupes or Honeydew Melons Save ???

Lays Potato Chips Save 3.99/2

Sara Lee Whole Grain White Buns Save up to $2.75 on 2

Klondike Ice Creak Bars or Popsicle Frozen Treats save up to 4.59/2

Nabisco Nilla Wafers save 3.99/2

SH Instant Light Charcoal or SH Charcoal Criquets save 5.99/2

Crest Toothpaste save 2.89/2

Dixie Crystals Sugar 10 oz powdered, light or dark brown save 1.19/2

Wrap-Itz Flour Burrito Tortillas save 1.99/2

Duncan Hines Cake Mix save 2.42/2

House-Autry Breaders save 2.49/2

Chinet Dinner Plates save 6.49/2

Finish Quantumatic Kit or Finish Powerball Tabs of Gelpacks save up to 9.99/2

SH Supreme Softness Bath Tissue save up to 3.12/2

SH Supreme Clean Spray Cleaners save 1.99/2

SH Supreme Clean All Fabric Refresher or Supreme Softness Dryer Sheets save up to 2.93/2

SH Crinkle Cut, Regular Cut Fries or Tater Bites save 3.17/2

Allens Frozen Vegetables save 2.19/2

Blue Bunny Champ! Cones save 5.59/2

SH Mozzarella Sticks of Stuffed Jalapeno Bites save 3.19/2

Lindy’s Italian Ice save 3.56/2

LOL Fresh Buttery Taste Spread save 2.29/2

Murray Creme Cookies save 2.00/2

Arnold Wide Pan Breads save 3.69/2

Joy Waffle Vones or Bowls save 2.99/2

Emerald Glazed Nuts save up to 2.99/2

Plumrose Sandwich Meats save 3.99/2

Lloyd’s BBQ save 6.99/2

Fast Fixin’ Chicken Nuggets, Patties, Fries, Strips or Popcorn save 6.99/2

Dukes Tuna Salad save 3.99/2

Carolina Pride Smoked Cocktails save 3.99/2

SH Raw Shrimp

Eckrich Smoked Sausage save 4.49/2

Birds Eye Corn on the Cob 12 ct. save 3.00/2

SH Cooked or Raw Shrimp

Butcher’s Choice Kabobs Save up to 7.99/2

Butterball Turkey Franks save 3.49/2

Lawrys Marinade save 2.88/2

French Yellow Mustard 20 oz. save 2.55/2

McCormick’s Grill Mates Seasoning or Rub save upt o 3.87/2

Mt. Olive Squeeze Sweet Relish or Mt. Olvie Sandwich Stuffers save 3.19/2

SH Foam Plates save 2.19/2

SH Napkins or Designer Cutlery save up to 1.92/2

SH Supreme Clean Big Roll Paper towels save 1.88/2

Thanks Necie @ WUC


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